नमस्ते (Namaste)🙏🏻, welcome to my portfolio.

I'm Bijaylaxmi Behera the web developer

about me

I just finished my masters studies in computer science. When I built my first C program, Hello World, in my first year of college, I began my programming career. Since then, I have completely immersed myself in learning new things. From April 2022, I began my adventure as a web developer. I was confident in adopting this career, which was outside of my comfort zone, after I discovered a fantastic platform. I've highlighted below projects I've worked on, technologies I am comfortable with, as well as blogs I've written.

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I'm proficient in C, Core JAVA, Python, HTML5, CSS3, Git, JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, and web hosting


I like to showcase my work and thus, you can see my projects hosted online

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I am also working on some technical and non-technical blogs. I like to document my journey of learning.

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